From 31/07/2019
Collage, Installation, Object, Painting, and Photography
Treasure Hunt // Shae Gregg
The showcase this week has work by resident artist, Shae Gregg, from Queensland, Australia.
Shae Gregg paints images of people in landscapes influenced by the city of Berlin. Shae uses found objects as canvases or as materials in her paintings. She then returns her paintings back to the street, thereby questioning notions of ‘high’ as well as ‘low’ art, while also paying attention to how the environment changes the works.

berlin city

always watching


'Overthinking' zine

'Femme et al'

'Birth' Acrylic and oil on wooden board, 2019
'A moment of lift' Acrylic and oil on wooden board, 2019
'Still making waves' Acrylic and oils on wooden board, 2019
'And she said no' Acrylic on wooden board, 2019
'Lady Lazarus' Acrylic, Spray paint and pastel on wooden board, 2019